0406 318 162 josh@in2surf.com.au

In2surf Surf School is the longest running and most professional ran surf school on the tweed coast. It is the only one owned by a lifetime local.

Owned and operated by Josh Fuller, you would be hard pressed to find a surfer with more knowledge of the local surf than he has. Josh is passionate about the ocean, surfing as a lifestyle and sport, and about introducing it to others. He is truly concerned with making sure your experience is as good as it can possibly be. The staff are great fun, avid surfers, and love to teach.  Josh has surfed professionally before starting the school.

Josh has spent over a decade now not only teaching the sport but seriously pursuing the best forms of delivering coaching. He spends a lot of time up skilling his coaches, and truly knows how to get the best out of their clients whilst still keeping it fun and light hearted. Josh also coaches at a high performance level privately and had worked at Surfing Australia High Performance Centre for the past 10 years. He is an all round water man and also recently has started teaches Jet ski driving lessons and tow surfing techniques and safety to his list of coaching skills and brings all this to the school he runs and to their clients on a daily basis.

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